Software Development for Startups & Entrepreneurs

AMUS SOFT helps Startups & Entrepreneurs transform their ideas into reality. If you have a disruptive idea but lack the tech knowledge and skills we can help you. You have the idea, we have the tech knowledge & skill to transform your idea into an innovative, reliable, scalable, and successful product

Why us?

No-Code Solutions

AMUS SOFT provides no-code solutions for startups & entrepreneurs. We help you build any website you can imagine with the full power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a visual canvas.

Customized Solutions

AMUS SOFT provides customized software development solutions as per your requirements. Web platforms, Mobile apps, e-commerce, Marketplace, and much more.

CPortal–Customer Portal

Let's bring your ideas to life

AMUS SOFT provides end-to-end software development solutions for startups so that you can focus on your business and grow exponentially. We understand the challenges that startups and entrepreneurs face, and we are very flexible in our business models in working with startups adjusting to their special needs. We have vast experience working with Tech Startups

MVP Development

MVP Development:

Develop a minimum viable product’s version at minimum investment with a set of functions that provide value for your end consumer

PoC Development

PoC Development:

Proof of concept or prototype is something optional but sometimes recommended in case you need to demonstrate the software concept in a sales context, show stakeholders how software will work, or check the technical feasibility of software based on a highly innovative idea.

Final Product Development

Final Product Development:

Move to final product development with a complete set of features after MVP validation with customers. Improving or de-prioritizing existing features, for implementing data collection tools, ensure proper data tracking, response, and feedback.

No Code Solutions

No Code Solutions:

AMUS SOFT provides no code solution for software development. We help you build any website you can imagine with the full power of HTML, CSS, and Javascript in a visual canvas.

Web Development

Web Development:

Our professional team helps you with unique and creative web design and development that will match your business. Business sites, landing page, Portfolio, Blogs, Marketplace, e-Commerce and much more.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development:

IOS, Android native & hybrid apps development for business goals that satisfy requirements of existing projects, and monetize the users' activity. Food delivery apps, Social Media apps, Taxi apps, Proptech, Fintech, and much more.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design:

AMUS SOFT builds creative user interfaces that attract new users by improving KPIs and conversion rates

Software Maintenance & Support

Software Maintenance & Support:

Focus on growing your business and leave maintenance & technical support with us. We provide proactive maintenance support with bug fixing.

Developer Hiring

Developer Hiring:

Hire a developer on an hourly, day, or monthly basis and build your software at your convenience. You can hire a developer for a few hours, days, or months and get charged only for hours consumed.

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